PRO/EDR> Legionellosis – USA (16): (WA) nosocomial, fatal, comment

Hospital-Related Infection -- United StatesAll 4 patients had _Legionella pneumophila_ pneumonia and _L. pneumophila_ has been isolated from environmental samples. Molecular testing is pending. --Jeffrey S. Duchin, MDHealth Officer and Chief, Communicable Disease Epidemiology & Immunization SectionPublic Health - Seattle and King County Professor in Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Washington Adjunct Professor, School of Public HealthSeattle, Washington[ProMED-mail thanks Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Legionellosis – USA (15): (WA) nosocomial, fatal, RFI

Hospital-Related Infection -- United StatesIt has been 11 days since UWMC [University of Washington Medical Center] implemented corrective actions and enhanced precautions to protect patients from _Legionella_, and no cases have occurred. Cases of _Legionella_ [infection] typically occur 2-10 days after exposure to the bacteria. Although it is possible additional cases will be identified, the absence of new cases suggests that the steps taken by UWMC to eliminate _Legionella_ transmission are working.Although Read more [...]

Blount County holds hazardous materials exercise – Maryville Daily Times

Maryville Daily TimesBlount County holds hazardous materials exerciseMaryville Daily TimesBlount County holds hazardous materials exercise. Story · Comments · Image (5) · Video (1). Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size. Previous Next. Alcoa Fire Department Emergency Training. Joel Davis | The ... Read more [...]

PRO/AH> Leprosy – USA (04): (CA) comment

Leprosy -- United StatesChakrabarty AN, Dastidar SG. Is soil an alternate source of leprosy infection? Acta Leprol 2001; 12: 79-84.Lavania M, Katoch K, Sachan P et al. Detection of _Mycobacterium leprae_ DNA from soil samples by PCR targeting RLEA sequences. J Communicable Dis 2006; 38: 269-273.--T Jacob JohnRetired Professor of Clinical Virology, Christian Medical CollegeKamalakshipuram, Vellore, Tamil Nadu India[ProMED-mail would like again to thank Professor T Jacob John for his valuable Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Undiagnosed fatal illness, canine – USA (NM): RFI

Undiagnosed -- United StatesPet owners are growing worried about a sudden illness that caused the deaths of 2 dogs and clinical signs in a 3rd that is recovering.After those deaths, one woman put together an online survey, and after dozens of submissions from other residents, they think the illness could be more widespread. The problem is local vets have no idea what's causing it.Chris Sturtz, a dog owner in Paradise Hills, has a 6-year-old dog named Roxxi. She was healthy and happy, and then all Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Poliomyelitis update (15): environmtl. samples, Pakistan WPV, India cVDPV2, RFI

Polio -- PakistanFive out of the 27 environmental samples collected from various parts of Balochistan tested positive for poliovirus, the provincial coordinator said on Saturday [24 Sep 2016].The Coordinator Emergency Operation Cell (EOC) Balochistan, Syed Faisal Ahmed, said the samples were tested positive for poliovirus in Quetta and Pishin districts of the province.He, however, mentioned that the virus detected in Quetta and Pishin was not indigenous, rather it belonged to Jacobabad and Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Syphilis – USA (10): MSM, increase syphilis screening

Syphilis -- United StatesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data show a 15 percent increase in the number of syphilis infections from 2013 to 2014 alone. Two new studies presented at the 2016 STD [sexually transmitted diseases] Prevention Conference suggest that syphilis is taking a particularly severe toll on gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), especially in the south.These studies underscore the critical importance of syphilis screening and care for gay and bisexual Read more [...]

PRO/AH> Ebola update (59): news, research, funding

Ebola -- Worldwide/UnknownSeptember 2016. A small stem-loop structure of the Ebola virus trailer is essential for replication and interacts with heat-shock protein A8[Citation.J Sztuba-Solinska L Diaz MR Kumar, et al. (EPub 19 Sep 2016). A small stem-loop structure of the Ebola virus trailer is essential for replication and interacts with heat-shock protein A8. Nucl. Acids Res. (2016).doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw825 [Abstract.Ebola virus (EBOV) is a single-stranded negative-sense RNA virus belonging to the Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Scrapie, sheep – Iceland (NV)

Scrapie -- IcelandA case of scrapie has been confirmed at a farm in Skagafjordur.Scrapie is a fatal, degenerative disease, which affects the nervous systems of sheep and goats. This is the 4th confirmed case of scrapie in Northwest Iceland since February of 2015. [Prior to] that year, no case had been reported since 2010.MAST, the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, is currently collecting data and preparing a course of action.Last week, the farmer of Brautarholt in Skagafjordur suspected a Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Meningitis, meningococcal – Australia (03): (WA) sg. W

Meningitis - Neisseria -- Australia3/4ths of the cases of meningococcal disease in WA [Western Australia] so far this year [2016] have been caused by rare W strains [_Neisseria meningitidis_ serogroup W] that very few people are vaccinated against. Figures obtained by The Weekend West show 9 of the 12 cases of the disease this year have been linked to strains from the bacteria group W. Type B [_Neisseria meningitidis_ serogroup B] caused the other 3.Meningococcal disease is a rare, life-threatening Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Measles update (49): UK (S. Wales) summer festivals, Romania

Measles -- United KingdomPublic health officials have reported an outbreak of measles in Carmarthenshire with 9 cases so far confirmed this month [September 2016].All of the cases have been linked to summer festivals, prompting a warning to parents and young adults about the importance of getting the MMR [measles, mumps, rubella] jab.Public Health Wales say 6 of the cases are thought to be directly linked to patients who contracted the virus while at the Green Gathering environmental festival in Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Human enterovirus D68 – Netherlands: acute flaccid myelitis

Enterovirus 68 -- NetherlandsIn June and July 2016, we identified 8 adults and 17 children with respiratory enterovirus D68 infections. 13 children required intensive care unit admission because of respiratory insufficiency, and one had concomitant acute flaccid myelitis [AFM]. Phylogenetic analysis showed that all of 20 sequences obtained belong to the recently described clade B3. This upsurge could indicate an active EV-D68 season, as highlighted by the epidemiologic curve, with a potential increase Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Meningitis – Solomon Islands: (ML) susp. bacterial, RFI

Meningitis -- Solomon IslandsThere have been unconfirmed reports of an outbreak of meningitis in the Malaita Province of Solomon Islands. A doctor working in the Atoifi Hospital told the Solomon Star on Monday [19 Sep 2016] that 5 people had been diagnosed with the disease. [Dr] Chellion Evan said the patients who arrived at the hospital were in a serious condition but could not be immediately treated. However, they were being closely monitored in isolation.Dr Evan said he believed these were cases Read more [...]

PRO/AH> Anthrax – Russia (14): (YN) reindeer, complex ecology

Anthrax -- RussiaI am a geographer and ecologist with 25 years of experience of studying Yamal tundra pastures and more than 2 decades of experience with reindeer pastures in Finnish Lapland. I can say with certainty that for Yamal to switch from its open nomadic reindeer grazing to one resembling the fenced-in pastures of Finland would be to simply replace one set of problems with another.The 'overgrazing' narrative in Finland is almost as old as the one in Yamal. In Sweden and Norway, semi-domesticated Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Psittacosis – USA (MI): parrot

Psittacosis -- United StatesA local pet store is currently under quarantine after cases of sick birds were investigated by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Casa La Parrot, located at 124 28th Street in Grand Rapids, has been quarantined for 2 positive cases of psittacosis, also known as "parrot fever." The 2-month quarantine will expire on 31 Oct 2016.Psittacosis is caused by a bacteria-like organism and can cause birds to have inflamed eyes, difficulty breathing, watery droppings and green Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Gonococcal disease – USA (05): (HI) ceftriaxone plus azithromycin resistance

Gonorrhea -- United StatesA worryingly resilient strain of gonorrhea has infected 7 people in Hawaii, the CDC has confirmed. The 6 men and 1 woman were all ultimately treated by the CDC's recommended combination treatment of ceftriaxone and azithromycin. But the Hawaii State Department of Health said lab tests showed the infections were not destroyed as quickly or as easily as they have done in all previous cases.Health officials fear this means the incredibly common sexually-transmitted disease Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Leptospirosis – USA: (IL) canine

Leptospirosis -- United StatesThere is an outbreak of a deadly dog disease. Your dog could get it, just by sniffing. At 1 veterinary hospital, half the dogs that tested positive have died. Here is what to look out for.Ms P's dog, Oliver, is lucky to be alive. "It was a long road for him, but he's back in action now," she says. That, after 9 days of hospitalization for a disease called leptospirosis. It is a bacteria carried by wildlife like rats and passed in urine; so, it ends up in puddles and Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Legionellosis – USA (14): (TN) hotel

Legionnaires' -- United StatesThe Shelby County Health Department (SCHD) has received laboratory confirmation of 5 individuals diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease. Based upon current findings, SCHD has closed the La Quinta Inn located at 2979 Millbranch Road, 38116.An investigation is currently ongoing, and SCHD officials are working with the establishment to identify sources of transmission, to remediate to prevent future transmission and to educate staff and patrons on the disease including signs Read more [...]

Tractor trailer chemical leak closes Thruway lanes near Harriman – Times Herald-Record

Times Herald-RecordTractor trailer chemical leak closes Thruway lanes near HarrimanTimes Herald-RecordTractor trailer chemical leak closes Thruway lanes near Harriman. Hide caption. Two lanes of the New York State Thruway were still closed late Saturday afternoon near Harriman after a tractor trailer crashed early Saturday morning, resulting in a ...and more » Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Legionellosis – USA (13): (MN) fatal, elderly, more cases

Legionnaires' -- United StatesThe Legionnaires' outbreak linked to Hopkins, Minn. has increased to 14 cases. One individual has died, according to a report from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.Legionnaires' disease is a type of pneumonia caused by _Legionella_ bacteria. It can be contracted by inhaling mist from infected water sources such as cooling misters, decorative fountains or plumbing systems. It is not spread by person-to-person contact [Possible person-to-person transmission has been described Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Yellow fever – Africa (101): Angola, Congo DR, WHO

Yellow Fever -- AngolaKey updatesAngola epidemiological update (as of 15 Sep [2016]):- the last confirmed case had symptom onset on 23 Jun [2016];- 3 of the 4 laboratory positive cases reported in the previous situation report have been discarded as having recent vaccination history. The remaining case reported in Tchindjenje district in Huambo province is under investigation;- phase II of the vaccination campaign has been prepared and will begin shortly in 12 districts in 9 provinces.Democratic Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Leprosy – USA (03): (CA) conf, child, RFI

Leprosy -- United StatesA Southern California elementary school student has been found to have leprosy, public health officials said [Thu 22 Sep 2016], though they emphasize that the student's school and community remain safe.Two children from Indian Hills Elementary School in Jurupa Valley had initially been diagnosed by a local doctor with the condition known medically as Hansen's disease, Riverside County health officials said. But this week [week of 19 Sep 2016] they received results from the Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Monkeypox – Central African Republic: (BK) fatal

Monkeypox -- Central African RepublicDuring the past month, 14 monkeypox cases, including one fatality have been reported in 4 villages in the sub-prefecture of Mingala in [Basse-Kotto Prefecture, southern] Central African Republic (CAR).According to health officials, some patients are being treated at the health post Irra Banda, while others are referred to the District Alindao hospital. In addition, there are reports of 10 fatalities due to an unknown cause in the same villages.This is the 4th Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Theileria, bovine – Australia (02)

Other Animal Disease -- AustraliaCows are suffering and dying from bovine anaemia because farmers and veterinarians are unable to get the necessary drug, according to a dairy owners and a veterinary doctor in eastern Victoria. Key points:- Figures suggest anaemia is costing beef and dairy industries AUD 20 million [about USD 15 million] per annum.- There is a drug available for treatment but it is not approved in Australia.- The Government has said the drug is a threat to meat exports.Dairy farmer Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza (75): Middle East, HPAI H5N1 spread, risk assessment, FAO

Avian Influenza H5N1 -- Worldwide/UnknownSummary-------This risk assessment provides an estimate of the likelihood of introduction of H5N1 HPAI from recently infected countries (Lebanon and Iraq) to other countries in the Middle East region and neighbouring territories as a result of the movement of live poultry (both legal and illegal), poultry-related products and the migration of wild birds.The preliminary assessment based on the available information and uncertainties associated indicate that Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> MERS-CoV (101): Saudi Arabia (RI) new cases

MERS -- Saudi ArabiaAs of 13:00 [1 PM] today [23 Sep 2016], there have been a total of:1456 laboratory-confirmed cases of MERS-CoV infection, including610 deaths [reported case fatality rate 41.9 per cent]841 recoveries, and4 currently active casesSince the last ProMED-mail update on Saudi Arabia [21 Sep 2016], there have been a total of:2 newly confirmed cases0 newly reported fatality, and1 newly reported recoveryInformation on newly reported cases:23 Sep 20161- 43-year-old expat Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Bluetongue – Europe (15): Cyprus (LA,NI) ovine, caprine, st pending, OIE

Bluetongue -- CyprusInformation received on [and dated] 23 Sep 2016 from Dr Penelope Stylianou, Acting Director, Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Nicosia, CyprusSummaryReport type: immediate notificationDate of start of the event: 19 Sep 2016Date of confirmation of the event: 20 Sep 2016Reason for notification: reoccurrence of a listed diseaseDate of previous occurrence: 4 Dec 2014Manifestation of disease: clinical disease Causal agent: bluetongue Read more [...]

PRO/ALL> Antibiotic resistance (02): UN General Assembly 2016, WHO Global Action Plan

Antimicrobial resistance -- Worldwide/UnknownWorld leaders today [21 Sep 2016] signalled an unprecedented level of attention to curb the spread of infections that are resistant to antimicrobial medicines.Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) happens when bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi develop resistance against medicines that were previously able to cure them.For the 1st time, Heads of State committed to taking a broad, coordinated approach to address the root causes of AMR across multiple sectors, Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Rabies, animal, human (11): Turkey, India, Israel

Rabies -- TurkeyA town has been quarantined following the outbreak of a rabies concerns in the southern province of Osmaniye, with at least 104 people receiving treatment in hospital."In order to prevent a negative outcome caused by rabies, the vaccination process of those coming from Ellek [Düziçi district, Osmaniye province] has been continuing at Düziçi State Hospital," a statement released from the Osmaniye Governor's Office read, noting that a sample taken from a person Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Zika virus (51): Americas, PAHO/WHO

Zika virus -- Worldwide/UnknownTo date, 47 countries and territories in the Americas have confirmed autochthonous, vector-borne transmission of Zika virus disease since 2015. In addition, 5 countries in the Americas have reported sexually transmitted Zika cases (Argentina, Canada, Chile, Peru, and the United States of America). Since the last Zika Epidemiological Update of 8 Sep 2016, Saint Kitts and Nevis has confirmed vector-borne autochthonous transmission of Zika virus.Figure 1 [see URL for map].Countries Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> West Nile virus – Americas (20): USA, equine

West Nile Virus -- United StatesWest Nile is transmitted to horses via bites from infected mosquitoes.The Kentucky State Veterinarian's office has announced that a horse from Bourbon County has tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV). This is the 3rd equine WNV case confirmed in the commonwealth this year [2016].In a statement Kentucky Equine Programs manager E.S. "Rusty" Ford said both cases were confirmed 22 Sep 2016.The 3-year-old Standardbred mare with no WNV vaccination history began showing Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Potomac horse fever, equine – USA (03): (WV)

Other Animal Disease -- United StatesThe West Virginia Department of Agriculture confirmed a case of Potomac horse fever (PHF) on 20 Sep 2016 the EDCC [Equine Disease Communication Center] reported.The horse with PHF -- a 6-year-old Quarter Horse gelding from Hampshire County -- was febrile (he had a fever), lethargic, and passing loose stool, the EDCC said. His vaccination status is unknown, be he is recovering.Potomac horse fever is most commonly contracted by horses that accidentally ingest infected Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Non-TB mycobacteria – USA (02): (PA) nosocomial, heater-cooler machine

Hospital-Related Infection -- United States3 patients who underwent heart surgery at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia are being treated for nontuberculous mycobacterium [NTM] infections contracted from contaminated heater-cooler machines used during the surgery. A 4th patient tested positive for the bacteria, but has not displayed signs of infection. According The Philadelphia Inquirer, the addition of the 3 patients brings the total of such infections in the state of Pennsylvania Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Rabies – Bulgaria: (Sofia, Silistra), fox, OIE

Rabies -- BulgariaInformation received on [and dated] 21 Sep 2016 from Dr Damyan Iliev, Chief Veterinary Officer & Deputy Executive Director, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Sofia, BulgariaSummaryReport type: immediate notificationStart date: 10 Sep 2016Date of confirmation of the event: 10 Sep 2016Reason for notification: reoccurrence of a listed diseaseDate of previous occurrence: June 2014Manifestation of disease: sub-clinical infectionCausal agent: Rabies Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Acute flaccid myelitis – USA: human enterovirus D68 susp

Enterovirus 68 -- United StatesBefore dinner on 29 Jul 2016, a 3-year-old from Chesterfield, Virginia, seemed perfectly healthy. That evening, he vomited. When he woke up the next morning with a slight fever of 99 deg F [37.2 deg C], his mother figured that he was coming down with a cold. The next morning, she found him collapsed on his bedroom floor."Mommy," she recalls him saying. "Help me, help me." The boy could barely stand when his mother picked him up, and his neck was arched backward. "What Read more [...]

Chemical leak at U of S Western College of Veterinary Medicine … –

Globalnews.caChemical leak at U of S Western College of Veterinary Medicine ...Globalnews.caThe Western College of Veterinary Medicine building at the University of Saskatchewan has been reopened after a chemical leak Thursday afternoon.and more » Read more [...]

Chemical leak at U of S Western College of Veterinary Medicine building –

Chemical leak at U of S Western College of Veterinary Medicine buildingGlobalnews.caThe Western College of Veterinary Medicine building at the University of Saskatchewan has been reopened after a chemical leak Thursday afternoon. File / Global News. What is this? Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any ...and more » Read more [...]

Hazmat crews clean up after diesel spill on I-95 N near Boulevard exit – WRIC

WRICHazmat crews clean up after diesel spill on I-95 N near Boulevard exitWRICOver 75 gallons of diesel fuel were spilled in the left and shoulder lanes of I-95 north near the onramp from Boulevard in Richmond.and more » Read more [...]

Hazmat crews assist with cleanup of fuel spill on I-95N near Br … – WWBT NBC12 News

WRICHazmat crews assist with cleanup of fuel spill on I-95N near Br ...WWBT NBC12 NewsVirginia State Police say a truck lost 75 gallons of diesel fuel on northbound I-95 just before noon Thursday.Hazmat crews clean up after diesel spill on I-95 N near Boulevard exitWRICall 3 news articles » Read more [...]

Report on the Clean-up of Chlorinated VOCs at California Site. – HazMat Management Magazine (subscription)

Report on the Clean-up of Chlorinated VOCs at California Site.HazMat Management Magazine (subscription)The Willits Environmental Trust recently issued a progress report on clean-up of the former Remco Hydraulics Facility in Willits, California. The 107 page report provides information on the in-situ treatment of shallow groundwater at the facility. The ... Read more [...]