Legal Bud is now spreading across America at an unprecedented pace.

Marijuana is popular in popular culture’s like Hollywood the dirty South and among rappers. But very few people realize that weed smokers come in all shapes and sizes, you should not be surprised to walk to the store one day look inside of a car and realize there is a housewife hot boxing with her husband. Now she might be smoking out of a pop can pipe like high school kids did or she can be using a 4 foot bong that she pulled from the trunk. If she would have been smarter she would have realized that it’s much more covert to use rolled up bud. It would have concealed her from everyone walking by from seeing what she is doing. The only problem that she had though, was that she didn’t know how to roll a joint. Where you have to think about though is the quality and potency of the herbal that is being smoked in the car. Now sales a lawyer right next to her advising her overwrites telling her that she could go to jail if you are caught smoking marijuana near a school yard. But if this was washed in state smoke weed in any car parked anywhere as long as it didn’t put anyone in harms way. So is it moral or immoral for people to smoke weed out in public. This is not a mere fact of right or wrong, or should I or should I not, but it’s a question of how high do I want to get before I realize that the marijuana smoking is driving me up into the clouds. Smokers are reported getting so high from hookah hits that their eyes were bloodshot and they needed Visine just to be able to see correctly one toker when looking as watch and realizing it is 4:20 unrolled a little baggie of the greenest Bud you’ve ever seen full of THC crystals all over. The more THC a strand of weed has the more potent it is and the higher you will get you smoking. Cannabis not only is used for smoking but can also be in brownies, the natural body high that you obtain from Brownies full of cannabis is a lot different than the high you have when you smoke it.

The federal government has placed laws against people telling them that they can’t and shouldn’t participate in any festivals that promote or make part of the culture marijuana. They didn’t realize that Canada legalized Weed along time ago though. Unfortunately for them it actually has helped popularize and bring to the front lines just how much weed is enjoyed by the average person. Cannabis Sativa is a household name and the devices used to smoke it can be made from household goods. After a person goes here and learns how to roll up a blunt, he won’t have that problem anymore. A water bottle with able poked into it and some water poured into it with a stem, and a bowl, attached to it can easily be turned into something called a waterfall bong. A person can also insert a joint at the end of the bowl and suck it down while pushing the water bottle inside of the bucket full of water. This causes a gravity hit that instantly fills the smokers lungs with potent chronic smoke. Something like this would make Cheech and Chong happy to be hippies, heck even Snoop Doggy Dogg uses this method when he wants that extra punch to light of his world. He recently won a full pound of Bud from a bet he placed on a boxing match.