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PRO/AH/EDR> Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis – USA: (OR) co-infection

Babesiosis, Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis -- United StatesDoctors in Oregon have described what might be one of the unluckiest encounters between man and tick ever documented. They report treating a 70-year-old man who became sick with 3 entirely different infections after a single tick bite.According to a recent case study, published last month [April 2021] in BMJ Case Reports [], the man visited an emergency room with symptoms of fever, nausea, and a distinct swelling around his ankle along with leg Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Leptospirosis – Reunion

Leptospirosis -- Région d'outre-mer de Réunion, FranceEach year, more than 50 cases of leptospirosis are recorded in Réunion, the majority of them requiring hospitalization. Since the start of the year [2021], a significant increase in the number of reports has been observed with 74 cases of leptospirosis reported in 2021, including 35 cases in April [2021].The rainy season is the period of greatest risk because it presents temperature and rainfall conditions favorable to the Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Cholera, diarrhea & dysentery update (07): Africa (Nigeria)

Cholera -- NigeriaNo fewer than 15 persons have died, and scores have been hospitalized as a result of a suspected cholera outbreak in Koya village in Minjibiri Local Government Area of Kano State.Though the Ministry of Health is yet to comment on the development, village head of the community, Sulieman Mohammad confirmed the deaths to journalists, saying victims included children and women. He said a victim died about 15 minutes after he broke his Muslim fast Friday night, 7 May 2021.It was learned Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (166): B.1.617 reclass., Africa, Pfizer adolescents, Taiwan, WHO

COVID-19 -- China- A World Health Organization official said on [Mon 10 May 2021] it is reclassifying the highly contagious triple-mutant COVID-19 variant spreading in India as a "variant of concern," indicating that it's become a global health threat.- Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO's technical lead for COVID -19, said the agency will provide more details in its weekly situation report on the pandemic Tue [11 May] but added that the variant, known as B.1.617, has been found in preliminary studies to Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> E. coli EHEC – USA (05): (WA) O157, children, poss. fresh produce

E. coli -- United StatesOrganic produce has tentatively been determined to be behind an _E. coli_ O157 outbreak that has sickened children in the Seattle-King County area in Washington. All of the patients are younger than 15 years of age, and 3 are younger 5 years of age. The 7 patients have been reported during 22 Apr 2021 - 1 May 2021 time period, according to Seattle-King County Public Health. 6 of the children have been so sick they had to be admitted to hospitals. This includes 2 children who Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (165): vacc dist, India mucormycosis RFI, Austria, NAb, WHO

COVID-19 -- IndiaMucormycosis is a very rare infection. It is caused by exposure to mucor mould which is commonly found in soil, plants, manure, and decaying fruits and vegetables. "It is ubiquitous and found in soil and air and even in the nose and mucus of healthy people," says Dr. Nair.It affects the sinuses, the brain and the lungs and can be life-threatening in diabetic or severely immunocompromised individuals, such as cancer patients or people with HIV/AIDS.Doctors believe mucormycosis, which Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Rabies (10): Eurasia, Armenia (TV) dog, OIE

Rabies -- ArmeniaReport type: immediate notificationStarted on: 4 May 2021Confirmed on: 6 May 2021Reported on: 10 May 2021Ended on: 6 May 2021Reason for notification: recurrence of a listed diseaseLast occurrence: 14 Feb 2021Causal agent: rabies virusSerotype: Not typedNature of diagnosis: clinical, laboratory (basic)This event pertains to a defined zone within the country.New outbreaks (1)Summary of outbreaks:Total outbreaks: 1Outbreak location: Gandzaqar, TavushStarted on: 4 Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> African swine fever: vaccine, virus strain efficacy, production potential

African Swine Fever -- Worldwide/UnknownAn African Swine Fever virus [ASFV] vaccine candidate has been adapted to grow in a cell line, which means that those involved in vaccine production will no longer have to rely on live pigs and their fresh cells for vaccine production.That news was shared by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), a section of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). In a press release [see comment], senior ARS scientist Dr. Manuel Borca said, "This opens the door for large-scale Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza (71): Europe (Romania, Bulgaria) poultry, HPAI H5N8, H5, OIE

Avian Influenza H5N8 -- RomaniaSummaryReport type: immediate notificationStarted: 5 May 2021Confirmed: 6 May 2021Reported: 7 May 2021Reason for notification: recurrenceLast occurrence: 21 Feb 2020Causal agent: Highly pathogenic avian influenza virusSerotype: H5N8Nature of diagnosis: laboratoryThis event pertains to a defined zone within the country.New outbreaksSummary of outbreaksTotal outbreaks (1)Outbreak location 1: Ungheni, MuresStarted: 5 May 2021Epidemiological unit: FarmTotal Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Trichinellosis – Argentina: (CB) salami, alert

Trichinosis -- ArgentinaHealth officials in Argentina report that a trichinellosis outbreak reported on April 27 has now affected 119 people in a number of cities and towns in Córdoba province.According to the information reported by different health centers in the province, the cases include 50 from Toledo, 23 from Lozada [both in Santa María department], 27 from Río Segundo [department], and 19 from the city of Córdoba.All patients reported the consumption of chacinados Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> White nose syndrome, bats – North America (03): USA (NM) 1st rep

White nose syndrome -- United StatesA fungus threatening bat populations across New Mexico and the US was discovered by the federal Bureau of Land Management [BLM] in caves near Roswell, mere miles from the bat population that call Carlsbad Caverns home.The 2 caves were in De Baca and Lincoln counties and samples were inconclusive from a 2nd cave in Lincoln County.Most of the 500 000 bats that roost in the Caverns are Brazilian freetail bats which migrate and could spread the fungus known to cause Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Leishmaniasis – Greece: surveillance, 2004-18

Leishmaniasis -- GreeceConclusion----------Leishmaniasis should be a public health priority in Greece because the visceral form of the disease is endemic in almost all areas of the country, it causes severe symptoms and mostly affects young children.In addition, there is a risk of introduction of new _Leishmania_ species, especially in connection with migration from endemic countries. Therefore, a sustainable action plan for leishmaniasis prevention and control in the context of a One Health approach Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (164): USA mortality, Japan Olympics, vaccine, dengue assoc. WHO

COVID-19 -- United StatesA new study [see comment below] estimates that the number of people who have died of COVID-19 in the U.S. is more than 900 000, a number 57% higher than official figures.Worldwide, the study's authors say, the COVID-19 death count is nearing 7 million, more than double the reported number of 3.24 million. []The analysis comes from researchers at the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation [IHME], who looked at excess mortality from March 2020 Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (163): ship, vaccine, variant, rapid test, WHO

COVID-19 -- Worldwide/UnknownWHO region (no. countries/territories):Total confirmed cases (new cases in last 24 hours) / Total deaths (new deaths in last 24 hours)-------------------------------------------------------------------Western Pacific Region (19): 2 556 036 (16 769) / 38 582 (305)European Region (61): 52 593 188 (143 036) / 1 099 382 (3006)South East Asia Region (10): 24 705 224 (435 415) / 300 304 (4213)Eastern Mediterranean Region (22): 9 356 509 (41 856) / 187 500 (762)Region of the Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Bovine tuberculosis – Israel (02): (HZ) cattle, goat, spread

Bovine TB -- IsraelBovine tuberculosis: During a tuberculin test of the 20 goats kept in a school-farm in Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin, 2 animals were found positive [and slaughtered]; in one of the goats, pathological changes have been found. Samples have been submitted to the national laboratory, Ministry of Health, at Abu Kabir, for the isolation of the mycobacteria and their subsequent identification. The affected premises have been put under quarantine; extension of the quarantine will be considered Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Salmonellosis, st Braenderup – Sweden: RFI

Salmonella -- SwedenSwedish authorities are investigating an outbreak of salmonella infection that has affected more than a dozen people in less than 2 weeks. From 13 Apr 2021 to 24 Apr 2021,14 people have been infected with _Salmonella [enterica_ serotype] Braenderup in 10 different regions of the country.Whole genome sequencing has shown the patients to be linked, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhalsomyndigheten). People sick range from a few months old to 91 years of age, Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Salmonellosis, st Typhimurium – Denmark (02): herbal remedy, fatal, recall

Salmonella -- DenmarkAn outbreak of salmonella infection in Denmark has now affected 40 people with 24 of them needing hospital treatment since November 2020. People were infected with _Salmonella [enterica_ serotype] Typhimurium between mid-November 2020 and mid-April 2021, according to the Statens Serum Institut (SSI). Patients live all over the country and include 23 women and 17 men, aged 2 to 92 years old. Three people positive for the salmonella strain linked to the outbreak died within 30 Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Crimean-Congo hem. fever – Africa: Uganda (Kikuube)

Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever -- Uganda[ (This link is not currently [8 May 2021] available. - Mod.SH)]- 23 May 2018: a 35 year old man from Nkoko sub-county in Kakumiro district dies at Mubende Regional Referral Hospital.- December 2017: a 9 year old girl dies; 2 other people develop symptoms in Nakaseke and Luweero districts.- Nakaseke and Kiboga districts in central Uganda reported a CCHF outbreak, including 8 deaths in August 2017 (see Crimean-Congo hem. fever - Uganda (02) Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza (70): Europe (Germany) poultry, HPAI H5N1, OIE

Avian Influenza H5N1 -- GermanySummaryReport type: immediate notificationStarted: 23 Feb 2021Confirmed: 24 Feb 2021Reported: 5 May 2021Reason for notification: recurrenceLast occurrence: 15 May 2020Causal agent: highly pathogenic avian influenza virusSerotype: H5N1Nature of diagnosis: clinical, laboratoryThis event pertains to a defined zone within the country.New outbreaksSummary of outbreaksTotal outbreaks (4)Outbreak location 1: Borger, Sogel, Emsland, Niedersachsen [Lower Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza, human (08): China (GD) H9N2

Avian Influenza -- ChinaThis morning [4 May 2021] Hong Kong's CHP reported mainland China's 12th H9N2 infection of 2021, involving a 30 year old woman from Guangdong province with onset on 20 Apr 2021. Also, Cambodia reported a case -- also in April -- involving a 3 year old boy.While most H9N2 infections are mild, their reported incidence has risen sharply in 2021. Whether this rise is more to do with better surveillance and reporting or is propelled by increased transmission of the virus to humans, Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (162): vacc property rights, immunization, reinfection, WHO

COVID-19 -- Worldwide/UnknownWHO region (no. countries/territories):Total confirmed cases (new cases in last 24 hours) / Total deaths (new deaths in last 24 hours)-------------------------------------------------------------------Western Pacific Region (19): 2 538 414 (15 044) / 38 273 (251)European Region (61): 52 441 169 (152 293) / 1 096 126 (3327)South East Asia Region (10): 24 269 809 (432 620) / 296 091 (4329)Eastern Mediterranean Region (22): 9 314 653 (40 413) / 186 738 (863)Region of the Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Anthrax – Congo DR: (NK) hippo, water buffalo, OIE

Anthrax -- DR CongoSummaryReport type: immediate notificationStarted: 8 Apr 2021Confirmed: 21 Apr 2021Reported: 7 May 2021Reason for notification: recurrenceLast occurrence: 29 Jun 2011Causal agent: _Bacillus anthracis_Nature of diagnosis: clinical, laboratoryThis event pertains to a defined zone within the country.New outbreaksSummary of outbreaks:Total outbreaks (2)Outbreak location 1: Rutshuru territory, Rutshuru, [North Kivu]Started: 10 Apr 2021Epidemiological unit: natural Read more [...]

PRO/AH> African swine fever – Asia (14): South Korea (KW) domestic, RFI

African Swine Fever -- South KoreaSouth Korea's agriculture ministry said on Wednesday [5 May 2021] that it has confirmed an African swine fever (ASF) [outbreak], marking the first one of the highly contagious and deadly animal disease in 7 months. According to the ministry, pigs at a farm in Gangwon Province were infected with the deadly animal disease, prompting the authorities to cull 401 animals, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. The country also issued a special Read more [...]

PRO/AH> Rabbit hemorrhagic disease – Canada: (AB) rabbit, alert

Other Animal Disease -- Canada[JR] could see it coming. The rabbit breeder for 40 years in Cold Lake, Alberta, says she saw the writing on the wall before a deadly rabbit virus appeared last month [April 2021] in the southern part of the province. "We sort of knew this was coming a few years before it actually hit. So we stopped showing and we bought nothing from anybody, anywhere," said [JR], who works at Beladarus Rabbitry with her daughter.Alberta's chief provincial veterinarian, Dr Keith Lehman, Read more [...]

PRO/PL> Late blight, potato – Europe, Asia: population changes

Other Plant Disease -- Worldwide/UnknownAsia is now the largest potato‐producing region of the world and late blight, caused by _P. infestans_, is the most important pathogen limiting production.Information regarding the stated or inferred clonal pathogen lineages present, population changes, and possible migration routes of the pathogen into the countries of this region have been reviewed to aid researchers and those involved in managing late blight. The single most important factor for population Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Tularemia – USA: (IN) wild rabbit, alert

Tularemia -- United StatesThe Department of Natural Resources recently learned from lab results that rabbit carcasses found on private land in Elkhart County near Middlebury tested positive for tularemia.Tularemia is a rare bacterial disease usually transmitted through dog tick and deer fly bites or by contact with an infected animal; however, the bacteria may also be spread by contact with contaminated soil or water, and through inhalation of contaminated dusts or aerosols. While tularemia can be Read more [...]

PRO/AH> African swine fever – Europe (09): Russia, Ukraine, domestic, wild boar, OIE

African Swine Fever -- RussiaGeneral informationReport type: immediate notificationStarted: 26 Apr 2021Confirmed: 27 Apr 2021Reported: Wed 5 May 2021Reason for notification: recurrenceLast occurrence: 22 Apr 2021Manifestation of disease: clinical diseaseCausal agent: African swine fever virusNature of diagnosis: clinical, laboratoryThis event pertains to a defined zone within the country.Outbreak location: Poltavka, Oktyabrskiy, Primor'ye [Primorsky]Date of start of the outbreak: 26 Apr Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Undiagnosed neurological illness – Canada (02): (NB) RFI

Other Human Disease -- CanadaAlmost 2 years ago, RE collapsed at home with a seizure on his 40th wedding anniversary. RE, in his early 60s, was born and raised around New Brunswick's bucolic Acadian peninsula, and had been healthy until that June [2019], and was enjoying retirement after decades working as an industrial mechanic. His health rapidly declined. "He had delusions, hallucinations, weight loss, aggression, repetitive speech," his son says. "At one point he couldn't even walk. So, in the Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (161): Seychelles, vaccine, Nepal, WHO

COVID-19 -- Worldwide/UnknownWHO region (no. countries/territories):Total confirmed cases (new cases in last 24 hours) / Total deaths (new deaths in last 24 hours)----------------------------------------------------------------------Western Pacific Region (19): 2 522 720 (15 506) / 38 019 (185)European Region (61): 52 275 954 (132 915) / 1 092 527 (2906)South East Asia Region (10): 23 837 189 (400 973) / 291 762 (4112)Eastern Mediterranean Region (22): 9 274 240 (43 369) /185 875 (849)Region of the Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> E. coli EHEC – USA (04): (WA)

E. coli -- United StatesPublic Health - Seattle & King County is investigating a cluster of toxic _Escherichia coli_ cases that left 7 children infected over a 2 week period. The children, all under 14, were infected with Shiga toxin-producing _E. coli_, also known as [enterohemorrhagic _E. coli_ (EHEC)]. The cases were reported between 22 Apr and 1 May [2021].Three of the children are under 5 years old. All the children developed symptoms consistent with EHEC including diarrhea, abdominal cramping, Read more [...]

PRO> Vector mosquito control – USA: (FL)

Other Human Disease -- United StatesAfter a decade of fighting for regulatory approval and public acceptance, a biotechnology firm has released genetically engineered mosquitoes into the open air in the United States for the first time. The experiment, launched this week in the Florida Keys (over the objections of some local critics), tests a method for suppressing populations of wild _Aedes aegypti_ mosquitoes, which can carry diseases such as Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.Oxitec, the Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (160): variants, research, India, WHO

COVID-19 -- Worldwide/Unknown- Immune response differences to vaccines and COVID: A pre-peer-reviewed study compared immune responses in people infected with SARS-CoV-2 and people vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. The immune response in infected people involved strong interferon activity that was absent in vaccinated people; interferon is a type of antiviral inflammation that leads to more potential cell damage. The T and B cells in vaccinated people were also more likely to be memory cells, which Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Avian influenza (69): Mali (KK) poultry, HPAI H5N1, OIE

Avian Influenza H5N1 -- MaliGeneral informationReport type: immediate notificationDate of start of the event: 9 Apr 2021Date of confirmation of the event: 21 Apr 2021Reason for notification: recurrenceLast occurrence: 8 Apr 2021Manifestation of disease: clinical diseaseCausal agent: highly pathogenic avian influenza virusSerotype: H5N1Nature of diagnosis: laboratoryThis event pertains to the whole country.New outbreaks (1)Summary of outbreaksTotal outbreaks: 1Outbreak location 1: Marakaforo, Read more [...]

PRO/AH> Rabbit hemorrhagic disease – USA (06): (CA) wild rabbit, alert

Other Animal Disease -- United StatesA highly contagious and deadly virus targeting wild and domestic rabbits has been detected in 2 rabbit carcasses found in the Cañada de San Vicente Ecological Reserve in Ramona [California]. Wildlife officials said 2 desert cottontails tested positive for the rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHDV2) infection on April 8 [2021].Rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHDV2) is not related to the novel coronavirus and does not affect humans or domestic animals other Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (159): India, zoo, lion

COVID-19 -- IndiaA total of 8 lions at an Indian zoo have tested positive for coronavirus in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the country. Officials at Nehru Zoological Park reportedly decided to test the Asiatic lions for COVID-19 after veterinarians working in the zoo noticed the felines had symptoms of the virus, including loss of appetite and coughing.The Hyderabad zoo is believed to have been told by The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) that the RT-PCR tests Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Influenza (07): Canada (Manitoba) swine origin, H1N1v, H1N2v

Influenza H1N1, Influenza -->Two separate cases of variant influenza (flu) viruses have been found in two unrelated individuals in different communities in southern Manitoba. The cases are the result of 2 different viruses and based on the case investigations; they are not linked. One is a case of human influenza A(H1N2)v and one is a case of human influenza A(H1N1)v. These cases have been reported to the Public Health Agency of Canada in accordance with international health Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Crimean-Congo hem. fever – Europe: Spain (CL)

Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever -- SpainThe Junta de Castilla y Leon, through the General Directorate of Public Health and its Epidemiology Service, has confirmed a case of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in the province of Salamanca.Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever is caused by a virus, the main transmission mechanism of which is the bite of the tick of the genus _Hyalomma_ , although it can also be transmitted from person to person through contact with the patient's blood or fluids, which Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> COVID-19 update (158): variants Africa, Japan Olympics, Brazil, WHO

COVID-19 -- Papua New GuineaHouriiyah Tegally, a bioinformatician at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, agrees that large-scale vaccine distribution should remain a top priority. She has tracked the dynamics of B.1.351 and seen how quickly new variants can spread. "We're kind of seeing Africa being left behind," Tegally says. "There needs to be higher attention paid to vaccinating the continent if we don't want worrying variants to evolve."She and her colleagues -- led by Tulio de Oliveira, Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Rabies – Ghana: dog, human exposure

Rabies -- Ghana14 people have been diagnosed with rabies infection in Kpone, the municipal capital of the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality in the Greater Accra Region, after an infected dog bit 5 people whilst at church [I suspect, hope, and trust this means 14 people have been exposed to rabies rather than that they have been infected. - Mod.TG].Dr Emmanuel Kwao Pecku, municipal veterinary officer, told the Ghana News Agency at Kpone in an interview on 17 Apr 2021 that a rabies-infected dog followed Read more [...]

PRO/PL> Leaf rust, coffee – Colombia: new strains

Other Plant Disease -- ColombiaColombia's coffee federation has discovered 9 new, more aggressive variants of the fungus that causes coffee rust. Since 1983, when rust was first detected in the country, the National Center for Investigations of Coffee (Cenicafe) has identified 22 varieties of the rust [see, for example, ProMED posts,,]. "I call on producers to build or renew Read more [...]