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PRO/AH/EDR> Scombroid fish poisoning – USA (02): (multiple states)

Poisoning -- United StatesThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [reports] 16 people [have been] poisoned by yellowfin tuna steaks, [forcing] Kroger [grocery stores] to recall the tainted product. The scombroid poisoning stemmed from yellowfin tuna steaks sold in Kroger stores, the FDA said in an alert.The improperly stored tuna was sold in Kroger stores in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Mercury poisoning – USA: (CA) imported cosmetics, comatose user

Poisoning -- United StatesHealth officials in Northern California issued a warning on Tuesday [10 Sep 2019] after a tainted skin cream imported from Mexico left a Sacramento woman in a semi-comatose state.The Pond's-labeled skin cream was found to have been contaminated with methylmercury, a hazardous substance causing severe illness and is "extremely dangerous to adults and children," according to a news release on Sacramento County's website.The woman obtained the cream -- which is used to lighten Read more [...]

PRO/PL> Lasiodiplodia dieback, blueberry – Europe: 1st rep (Spain)

Other Plant Disease -- SpainHighbush blueberry plants (cultivars 'Ventura' and 'Star') in Huelva [province, Andalusia] showed red-brown canker symptoms, stem dieback, and defoliation, and 30% of the plants were nearly dead. Some of these symptoms in blueberry had been previously attributed in Huelva to _Neofusicoccum parvum_, _N. australe_, and _Pestalotiopsis clavispora_.89 affected plants were sampled. From genome sequencing and morphological characterization [it] resulted that the causal agent Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Undiagnosed lethal disease – Norway (03): dog

Undiagnosed -- NorwayFrom Wednesday [11 Sep 2019] to Thursday [12 Sep 2019], the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has received 8 new reports on isolated cases of dogs with similar symptoms of disease. One of the dogs has died. The cases are from Buskerud, Vestfold, Trondelag, Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark.It is important to remember that, in dogs, these symptoms often undergo a less acute course of disease. Initially, most reported cases were located in the Oslo area.So far, there is no commonality Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Strangles – UK (02): (Isle of Man) horse

Strangles -- United KingdomIsle of Man horse owners have been warned not to be "complacent" amid an outbreak of strangles, an animal charity has said. Two cases of the contagious respiratory disease were confirmed in Glen Maye on the west of the island last week. MSPCA manager Juana Warburton said owners must "remain vigilant" to ensure it does not spread.The government said the outbreak was "under control" but it was "keeping a watching brief" on it.Owners are not obliged to inform the government Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Crayfish plague – UK: (England) white-clawed crayfish, susp.

Other Animal Disease -- United KingdomA suspected outbreak of a deadly disease has killed dozens of endangered crustaceans in a waterway that runs through Herefordshire. Large numbers white-clawed crayfish have been found dead in the Cwm y Caddo, a tributary near the Welsh border leading into the River Monnow.The Environment Agency said it believed the cause was crayfish plague and has sent specimens for testing. Anglers and waterway visitors are being advised to disinfect their equipment.Chris Bainger, Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> African swine fever – South Africa (03): (NC) domestic, OIE

African Swine Fever -- South AfricaInformation received on [and dated] 11 Sep 2019 from Dr. Bothle Michael Modisane, chief director, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Animal Production and Health, Pretoria, South AfricaSummaryReport type: immediate notificationDate of start of the event: 3 Sep 2019Date of confirmation of the event: 11 Sep 2019Report date: 11 Sep 2019Date submitted to OIE: 11 Sep 2019Reason for notification: recurrence of a listed diseaseDate of previous occurrence: Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Foot & mouth disease – South Africa: (LP) bovine, serotype SAT 1, OIE

Foot and Mouth -- South AfricaInformation received on [and dated] 10 Sep 2019 from Dr. Bothle Michael Modisane, chief director, Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Animal Production and Health, Pretoria, South AfricaSummaryReport type: immediate notificationDate of start of the event: 2 Sep 2019Date of confirmation of the event: 6 Sep 2019Reason for notification: recurrence of a listed diseaseDate of previous occurrence: 30 Apr 2019Manifestation of disease: clinical diseaseCausal agent: Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Melioidosis – Viet Nam: fatal

Melioidosis -- VietnamThe Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital yesterday [Tue 10 Sep 2019] warned of a high possibility of death from rare Whitmore's disease [melioidosis], as the disease re-occurred and killed 4 people in August [2019]. Moreover, the fatal disease infected 12 patients including a woman suffering from a severe abscess on her nose. The case was very rare, and the hospital treated such cases for the 1st time, said Director of the hospitals' Tropical Disease Center Dr. Do Duy Cuong. The patient Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Invasive mosquitoes – USA (05): (NE, UT)

Other Human Disease -- United StatesA species of mosquito that can carry the Zika virus, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya [viruses] has been identified in Nebraska for the 1st time, according to state health officials.On Tuesday [10 Sep 2019], the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) said it had documented _Aedes aegypti_ mosquitoes -- which are mainly found in tropical climates -- in York County, to the state's southeast.The mosquitoes were captured during an annual research Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Listeriosis – Europe (11): (Spain) meat, fatal, miscarriages, Mallorca

Listeriosis -- SpainAn outbreak of the deadly [infection due to the bacterium] _Listeria_ has been confirmed in Mallorca.A patient is recovering in a private clinic in Palma as samples of the bacterium are being tested in Madrid to confirm if it is the same strain as the recent outbreak in Andalucia. It seems likely to have originated from the same lethal strain since the patient affected [in Mallorca] had come from Granada.So far 3 people have died and 7 women have aborted babies out of the 200 Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Streptococcus grp A, scarlet fever & invasive disease – UK: emm1, unique genotype

Scarlet Fever -- United KingdomSince 2014, England has seen increased scarlet fever activity unprecedented in modern times. In 2016, England's scarlet fever seasonal rise coincided with an unexpected elevation in invasive _Streptococcus pyogenes_ infections. We describe the molecular epidemiological investigation of these events."Methods-----------We analysed changes in _S. pyogenes_ emm genotypes, and notifications of scarlet fever and invasive disease in 2014-2016 using regional (northwest London) Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Epizootic hemorrhagic disease – USA (02): (WV, MN) deer

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease -- United StatesEpizootic hemorrhagic disease has been confirmed in Harrison County after a deer collected from the Brushy Fork area tested positive for the virus. Another sample from a deer collected along US [route] 50 near Salem was sent Thursday [5 Sep 2019] for testing, a state Division of Natural Resources (DNR) biologist has confirmed.Samples collected from dead deer in Marion and Monongalia counties also were sent for testing, and results are expected in about Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Mumps update (12): USA (NE, NM) EU (UK)

Mumps -- United StatesThe Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has seen a significant increase in mumps cases related to 2 recent outbreaks.At least 30 cases have been identified, mainly among attendees of a wedding in Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department's jurisdiction (Cedar, Dixon, Thurston and Wayne counties) and a workplace in Four Corners Health Department's jurisdiction (Butler, Polk, York and Seward counties).DHHS is working with local health departments to investigate Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Die-off, bird – USA (02): (AK) seabirds, continuing

Animal Die-off -- United StatesFederal wildlife officials said Monday [9 Sep 2019] that the deaths of thousands of seabirds in western Alaska this summer was because of starvation, as they investigate a 5th straight year of unusually high numbers of seabird fatalities amid warm sea surface temperatures.Thousands of short-tailed shearwaters were reported dead and washing onto beaches in the Bristol Bay region starting in late June [2019], the National Park Service said in a statement on Monday [9 Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Newcastle disease – USA (13): (CA) poultry

Newcastle Disease -- United StatesVirulent Newcastle disease (VND) was detected last weekend at a property in central San Diego County, a state veterinarian said Sunday [1 Sep 2019]. The detection was identified when a private veterinarian submitted dead birds to the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System, according to state veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones.An ongoing investigation determined that infected birds moved from within the VND quarantine area in Riverside County and are Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Vesicular stomatitis – USA (16): (TX) horse, USDA update

Vesicular Stomatitis -- United StatesSince [Fri 23 Aug 2019], the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) has received reports of 5 new confirmed cases of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) and 4 new suspect cases in counties where VSV had been previously confirmed.The newly confirmed and suspect premises are under quarantine by the TAHC. Affected horses and cattle will be monitored by regulatory and authorized veterinarians until premises are eligible for quarantine release 14 days after clinical VSV Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Eastern equine encephalitis – North America (18): USA human, horse, deer

Eastern Equine Encephalitis -- United StatesOfficials confirmed 2 more human cases of eastern equine encephalitis [EEE] Friday [6 Sep 2019], including a 5-year-old Sudbury girl and a Northborough woman in her 60s, and one state scientist said she expects more cases in coming weeks.According to Sudbury town officials, the child is in critical condition at an area hospital. All outdoor evening town and school activities in Sudbury were cancelled Friday [6 Sep 2019]. Outdoor events for Lincoln-Sudbury Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Undiagnosed lethal disease – Norway (02): dog

Undiagnosed — Norway

PRO/AH/EDR> African swine fever – Asia (69): Philippines (RI) domestic, 1st report, OIE

African Swine Fever -- PhilippinesInformation received on [and dated] 9 Sep 2019 from Dr. Enrico Garzon, Assistant Secretary for Livestock, Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of Agriculture, Quezon City, PhilippinesSummaryReport type: Immediate notificationDate of start of the event: 25 Jul 2019Date of confirmation of the event: 30 Aug 2019Reason for notification: 1st occurrence of a listed disease in the countryCausal agent: African swine fever virusNature of diagnosis: Clinical, laboratory (advanced), Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Measles update (61)

Measles -- IsraelThe Israeli Health Ministry recorded more than 4300 cases between July 2018 and July 2019, representing a monumental uptick from the year prior, when only about 30 cases were reported.A 43-year-old flight attendant with El Al died last month [August 2019] after reportedly contracting measles from a passenger in March [2019].[She] was admitted to Petah Tikva's Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus with a high fever, then fell into a coma and had to be placed on a respirator. Tests Read more [...]

PRO/PL> Citrus bark cracking viroid, hop – Germany: 1st report (BY)

Other Plant Disease -- GermanyThe NPPO [National Plant Protection Organisation] of Germany recently informed EPPO of the 1st detection of _Citrus bark cracking viroid_ (CBCVd - EPPO A2 List) in Germany. The viroid was found in 2 hop (_Humulus lupulus_) fields in Bavaria in July 2019 after a report by a grower.Infected plants (150 in the 2 fields) showed reduced growth. The identity of the pathogen was confirmed by RT-PCR and sequencing. A survey is being performed to determine the extent of the outbreak, Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Undiagnosed deaths – Norway: dog

Undiagnosed -- NorwayNorwegian authorities haven't been able to detect the cause behind an unexplained disease that is estimated to have killed dozens of dogs in the country in recent days, officials said Saturday [7 Sep 2019]. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority said that it had been informed of another 6 cases of dogs falling ill, with 2 already dead, all with the same symptoms of vomiting and bloody diarrhea.The disease seems "very serious for a dog. But we don't know yet whether this is contagious Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Yellow fever – Africa (12): Nigeria, WHO (EB, BE, CR)

Yellow Fever -- NigeriaThe federal government, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and partners, is launching a yellow fever (YF) reactive vaccination campaign in 3 states to help control an expanding YF outbreak in Nigeria identified in Ebonyi. The 10-day campaign (7-16 Sep 2019), to be implemented in parts of Ebonyi (3 LGAs), Benue (2 LGAs) and Cross River (1 LGA) States, targets vaccination of 1.6 million people (aged 9 months to 44 years old) Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> E. coli EHEC – Norway: hemolytic uremic syndrome, unusual strain, RFI

E. coli -- NorwayNorwegian authorities are investigating an outbreak of _E. coli_ where 4 people have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome.The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) has identified the same type of enterohemorrhagic _E. coli_ (EHEC) in 3 people since August 2019, and investigations are ongoing for 2 other cases. The outbreak is caused by Shiga toxin-producing _E. coli_ O?: H2 (stx2a, eae, ehxA) infection as no O-group has been identified.The EHEC pathotype is Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> African swine fever – Ghana: (WP)

African Swine Fever -- GhanaReports from the National Veterinary Laboratory have confirmed an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in the Western region.The affected communities are in the districts of the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis and Effia Kwesimintism municipality.Head of the Takoradi Veterinary laboratory Dr Theophilus Odoom, confirming the outbreak to Joy News, said 56 pigs have died from the disease.--Communicated by:ProMED-mail[ASF is endemic in Ghana; during 2018 (most recent available Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Undiagnosed illness – Cote d'Ivoire: (WB) fatal, RFI

Undiagnosed -- Cote d'IvoireAn enigmatic disease is raging in the department of Dianra in northwestern Cote d'Ivoire in the Bere region, especially in Yeretiele, where there have been 30 deaths since July 2019.According to Blaise Kouadio Kouakou, a nurse at the Dianra Urban Health Center, "I was on leave last week and one of my colleagues informed me that he was receiving patients with edema (swelling) of the face, upper and lower limbs. When I returned on Tuesday [20 Aug 2019], I determined the Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Salmonellosis, st I 4,[5],12:i:- – USA (04): pig ear dog treats, other serotypes

Salmonella -- United StatesAlabama / 1Arizona / 1California / 1Colorado / 3Connecticut / 1Florida / 3Georgia / 3Hawaii / 1Illinois / 10Indiana / 5Iowa / 23Kansas / 3Kentucky / 6Louisiana / 1Maine / 1Maryland / 1Massachusetts / 4Michigan / 14Minnesota / 1Missouri / 7New Hampshire / 1New Jersey / 3New Mexico / 1New York / 16North Carolina / 2North Dakota / 1Ohio / 8Oregon / 3Pennsylvania / 7South Carolina / 2Texas / 2Utah / 1Virginia / 1Washington / Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> West Nile virus (31): Europe (Greece) ECDC update

West Nile Virus -- GreeceBetween [30 Aug and 5 Sep 2019], EU Member States reported 56 human cases in Greece (30), Italy (11), Romania (6), Hungary (4), Cyprus (3), and Bulgaria (2). EU neighbouring countries reported one case in North Macedonia. In one area in North Macedonia, Jugozapaden, a human case was reported for this 1st time. All other human cases were reported from areas that have been affected during previous transmission seasons. This week 3 deaths were reported by Greece (1), Italy (1) Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Ebola update (87): Congo DR (NK,IT,SK) Uganda, summaries, response, therapeutics

Ebola -- DR Congo- The case of Butembo is a girl, 2 weeks old infant, who died on 20 Mar 2019 at the "Tout est Grace" CH [Hospital Center] in the Vuvatsi Area (Vuthawa/Matembe) in Butembo, North Kivu. She was a contact of her mother's, not followed for refusal and not vaccinated, who was confirmed as an EVD case on 14 Mar 2019 and who died on 15 Mar 2019 at the ETC. This child was hospitalized at CH "Tout est Grâce" on 19 Mar 2019 following the onset of fever, but without success. The alert Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Influenza (25): WHO global update, Australia

Influenza -- BhutanInformation in this report is categorized by influenza transmission zones, which are geographical groups of countries, areas or territories with similar influenza transmission patterns.Summary-------- In the temperate zones of the southern hemisphere, influenza activity continued to decrease in most countries.- In the Caribbean, Central American, and tropical South American countries, influenza activity was low overall.- In tropical Africa, influenza activity was low across reporting Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Crimean-Congo hem. fever- Asia (19): Pakistan (BA) India (RJ)

Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever -- PakistanAnother 3 Congo virus patients were brought to Fatima Jinnah Chest Hospital, putting the number of people infected by the fatal disease in the province [Balochistan] so far to 25."These patients brought to the hospital from different areas of northern Balochistan," hospital sources said, adding that the new patients were proved positive in the test conducted by the hospital."So far, 5 patients who were admitted in the hospital have died of Congo virus," Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Coccidioidomycosis – USA (03): (AZ)

Valley Fever -- United StatesAccording to the Arizona Department of Health Services, 6414 cases of Valley fever were reported in the state as of 27 Aug 2019. In 2018, the number of cases reported through August 2018 was 5260. The total for the year, according to AZDHS [Arizona Department of Health Services], was 7478."This year [2019] we have higher numbers of cases reported already to the Department of Health, almost maybe a 30 percent increase," said Dr. Fariba Donovan, an assistant professor in Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Poliomyelitis update (72): Afghanistan (OZ) Philippines (MM) VDPV environmental

Polio -- Afghanistan"The longer it is allowed to survive, the more genetic changes it undergoes. In very rare instances, the vaccine-virus can genetically change into a form that can paralyze -- this is what is known as a circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV)," WHO said in its website ().Duque said that while there are no recorded transmissions yet, parents should ensure that their children are protected since the virus is already in the environment."We repeat our call to parents and caregivers: Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> African swine fever – Uganda: (RB) susp

African Swine Fever -- UgandaA suspected African Swine Fever [ASF] outbreak has been reported in Rubanda district. The disease has been reported in Nyamweru, Hamurwa and Bubaare sub-counties.According to Joanita Kobugabe, Rubanda District Information Officer, about 53 pigs have died in Igomanda parish, Nyamwweru Sub County last weekend.Cosma Twesigwome, Rubanda District Agriculture Officer says that many pigs in the affected sub-counties have been observed with ASF-like symptoms. Twesigwome says Read more [...]

PRO/EDR> Legionellosis – Europe (05): UK (Wales)

Legionnaires' -- United KingdomAn investigation has begun into a rise in cases of the potentially deadly legionnaires' disease in one part of Wales. Public Health Wales has confirmed that 11 cases have been identified in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan over the past 12 months.Public Health Wales has stressed that each case in Barry has been "extensively investigated" and does not meet the definition of a legionnaires' disease outbreak.Officials added there is no evidence any of the cases are linked and Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Anthrax – Armenia (04): (AV) cattle, OIE

Anthrax -- ArmeniaInformation received on [and dated] 2 Sep 2019 from Dr Georgi Avetisyan, head, Food Safety Inspection Body of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, e ARM Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, ArmeniaSummaryReport type: immediate notificationDate of start of the event: 29 Aug 2019Date of confirmation of the event: 30 Aug 2019Reason for notification: recurrence of a listed diseaseDate of previous occurrence: 30 Dec 2012Manifestation of disease: Read more [...]

PRO/PL> Tomato brown rugose fruit virus – China: 1st rep (SD)

Other Plant Disease -- ChinaVirologists just confirmed the first cases of tomato brown rugose fruit virus in China's Shandong Province. ToBRFV now threatens the world's largest tomato producer.ToBRFV symptoms were found on the leaves of 50 percent of the plants in 3 tomato greenhouses. This is expected to be a major concern in northern China. How ToBRFV was introduced into China is unknown.[Research paper via ][Byline: Chriss Street]--Communicated by:IBIS (International Biosecurity Intelligence Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> St. Louis encephalitis & West Nile viruses – USA: (AZ)

West Nile Virus, St. Louis Encephalitis -- United StatesThe Arizona Department of Health Services reports a record high number of mosquitoes testing positive for the West Nile virus [WNV] and St. Louis encephalitis [SLE] in the state, particularly in Maricopa County.Mosquitoes captured by the Mohave County Environmental Health Department have tested positive for West Nile virus, although no human cases have been reported. No mosquitoes captured by MCEHD have tested positive for SLE."We have not had Read more [...]

PRO/AH/EDR> Lassa fever – West Africa (31): Liberia

Lassa Fever -- LiberiaThe Chief Medical Officer stressed that the situation is "alarming" because cases are being confirmed outside of the region known for recording Lassa fever."From the Nimba County area going through Bong [county] to Lofa County -- that is the Lassa Belt -- and so those are places that we have always been concerned [about] but, if you can now find Lassa in other parts of Liberia then, of course, it's becoming a major issue," he said."Normally, it's during the dry season that we Read more [...]