PRO/AH/EDR> Brucellosis – USA (02): unpasteurized milk, B. abortus vacc strain, 2017-18, CDC

Brucellosis — United States
Citation: Gruber JF, Newman A, Egan C, et al.: Notes from the Field: _Brucella abortus_ RB51 Infections Associated with Consumption of Raw Milk from Pennsylvania: 2017 and 2018. MMWR. 2020; 69(15): 482-483. doi: .
In December 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) and Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH) were notified of a New York patient with brucellosis caused by infection with _Brucella abortus_ RB51, the live attenuated vaccine strain of _B. abortus_ used to