PRO/AH/EDR> Lumpy skin disease – Kyrgyzstan: (YK,CU) cattle, 1st rep 2019

Lumpy Skin Disease — Kyrgyzstan
According to the veterinarians of the Jayyl [district, Chuy region], the 1st signs of [lumpy skin] disease [LSD] were detected in the Ak-Suu and Tup districts of the Ysyk-Kol region. After that, isolated cases were noted in Ysyk-Ata, Alamudun, and Sokuluk districts of Chuy oblast. Outwardly, nodular dermatitis looks like a skin-nodular rash. The disease is accompanied by fever, edema of the subcutaneous connective tissue and organs, the formation of skin nodes, damage to the eyes, the mucous